edeposit_amqp_ftp_monitord.py script


$ ./edeposit_amqp_ftp_managerd.py -h
usage: edeposit_amqp_ftp_managerd.py start/stop/restart [-f] FN

ProFTPD user manager. This script allows you to add/ remove/change users in
ProFTPD server over AMQP API.

positional arguments:
  start/stop/restart  Start/stop/restart the daemon.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help          show this help message and exit
  -f, --foreground    Run at foreground, not as daemon. If not set, script is
                      will run at background as unix daemon

Example usage:

./edeposit_amqp_ftp_managerd.py start
started with pid 5469


$ ./edeposit_amqp_ftp_managerd.py start --foreground

In this case, the script runs as normal program, and it is not daemonized.


$ ./edeposit_amqp_ftp_managerd.py stop
No handlers could be found for logger "pika.adapters.base_connection"

Don’t be concerned by warnings when stopping the daemon, it is just something that out communication library does.